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Simple Put BritePic On posted

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  1. Log in if you not account sign up 
  2. Click BritePic "Use your BritePic ID to putting BrotePic on your site"
  3. BritePic Setting  "Tell us about the site where you plan to post your BritePic" Entry informations about more your weblog or website have done click finish
  4. Click Instant HTML generator, 
    • Step 1. "Tell us about your image" entry your image webhost, keyword descibe your image. Click More Options, Check ads in this image if you want, Show the BritePic Menu in this image if you want, Entry link "send user to this URL if pic is clicked", Entry image filename, change the image size (optional)
    • Step 2. Check Non-javascrift version and "Get BritePic HTML copy the code below and paste on your post weblog"
  5. To see preview click generate preview

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